We’ve made quite a few guest comics, had a number made for us and a lot of extra material we’ve been wanting to share. There is also a quick run-down of the materials used and the process that goes into making a Tiny Kitten Teeth comic! Let us know if you want anything else here.

Guest comics we did for other cartoonists!

Becky was lucky enough to be invited to paint Lookouts for the incredibly nice and talented Penny Arcade folks. She teamed up with awesome Heroes scribe Oliver Grigsby and the story picks up where Gabe left off.

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

We also went on to do a regular guest comic for P-A while Gabe was down and out with the gamer flu. Naturally it was us making fun of our favorite game Animal Crossing (this is slightly more risque than our usual comics, just a quick word of warning!)

Prior to all this, our first guest comic was for Octopus Pie, which is one of our favorite webcomics. Meredith has been incredibly supportive of us and we really appreciate it.

We met Scott Kurtz (of PvP fame) properly at San Diego Comic Con `09 and when he was too struck down by the gamer flu, we swooped in for a quick guest comic. Scott and Becky are going to be working on something awesome sometime soon! How cryptic!

We’ve also completed guest comics for Dave Willis’ Shortpacked, Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots.

Guest comics & illustrations our friends did for us!

- Guest strip by Jon Chad

- Guest strip by John Keogh (Lucid TV)

- Guest strip by Anthony Clarke (Nedroid)

- Guest strip by Casey Lalonde

- Guest strip by Ben Frisch

More soon! We’re still going through the archives!

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