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Sep 12Spx 2014 Table W31
May 7Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2014
Mar 19Emerald City Comic Con 2014


Oct 21The Queens Man Page Twelve
Sep 11Small Press Expo This Weekend
Jul 15San Diego Comic Con 2013 Booth 2743
May 20Capture Creatures Gallery Show! June 1st! Los Angeles!
May 3The Queen’s Man Page Eleven
Apr 5Custom Sketched Tiny Kitten Teeth Books
Apr 1MoCCA Festival NYC April 6 & 7
Feb 26Emerald City Comic Con Seattle 2013
Feb 14Capture Creature Commissions
Feb 3Hourly Comics Day


Dec 11Topatoco Christmas Presents
Nov 14Thought Bubble Festival
Nov 5Big Art Sale Today
Oct 3The Queens Man Page Ten
Sep 27New Gallery Show Now Online
Sep 20Gallery Show Opening Saturday In Los Angeles
Sep 10The Queens Man Page Nine
Jul 31Tigerbuttah Knows Mathematics
Jul 10Tigerbuttah Does Not Know What Elephants Are For
Jun 26The Queens Man Page Eight
Jun 14Book Cover
May 20Baby Mewsli
May 11The Queens Man Page Seven
May 1The Queens Man Page Six
Apr 27Kickstart The Tiny Kitten Teeth Book
Apr 16Tigerbuttah Loves Capture Creatures
Apr 9The Queens Man Page Four
Apr 5The Queens Man Page Three
Mar 26The Queens Man Page Two
Mar 20Tigerbuttah And Hopscotch
Mar 12The Queens Man Page One
Mar 5Chapter None Cover
Feb 27Chapter None Conclusion
Feb 20Chapter None Page Twenty Four
Feb 13Chapter None Page Twenty Three
Feb 6Chapter None Page Twenty Two
Jan 30Chapter None Page Twenty One
Jan 23Chapter None Page Twenty
Jan 16Chapter None Page Nineteen
Jan 9Chapter None Page Eighteen
Jan 2Toothbrush Toyger And The Beetle Scooter


Dec 13Chapter None Page Seventeen
Dec 6Chapter None Page Sixteen
Nov 14Tigerbuttah And The Musk Ox
Sep 30Tigerbuttah Tries To Barter
Sep 9Chapter None Page Fifteen
Aug 10Chapter None Page Fourteen
Aug 1Chapter None Page Thirteen
Jul 20Tigerbuttah Does Not Do Dust Baths
Jun 28Chapter None Page Twelve
Jun 9Chapter None Page Eleven
May 26Phoenix Comic Con Thursday Till Sunday
May 20Chapter None Page Ten
May 11Los Angeles Gallery Show This Saturday May 14 7pm
May 2Chapter None Page Nine
Apr 25Princess Shiba And Royal Kirin
Apr 18Tigerbuttah Meets A Prairie Chicken
Apr 15Gallery Show May 14 Los Angeles
Mar 28Tasmanian Weasel
Mar 16We Are At C2E2 In Chicago This Weekend
Mar 10Chapter None Page Eight
Feb 21Invaded A Mural By Becky Dreistadt
Feb 14Melbourne Gallery Show This Weekend
Feb 7Cloth Tiger And Weasel Catch A Fish
Jan 31Tigerbuttah And His Friend Rakes
Jan 24Tigerbuttah Moving Sale
Jan 20Toothbrush Toyger Has A Gallery Show
Jan 17Chapter None Page Seven
Jan 13Tigerbuttah And His Fixed Deer
Jan 10Chapter None Page Six
Jan 6Tigerbuttah And The Pinata
Jan 3Chapter None Page Five


Dec 27Tigerbuttah And A Tiger
Dec 24Merry Christmas
Dec 20Tigerbuttah And Tuis
Dec 17Tigerbuttah And The Plush Rabbit Foot
Dec 13Chapter None Page Four
Dec 10Chapter None Page Three
Dec 6Tigerbuttah And A Small Elephant
Dec 3Chapter None Page Two
Nov 30Chapter None Page One
Nov 22Tigerbuttah Is The Pony Express
Nov 15Tigerbuttah Meets Peanutbuttah
Oct 31Happy Halloween Tigerbuttah
Oct 27Buttahbear Adventure [6 Of 6]
Oct 25Buttahbear Adventure [5 Of 6]
Oct 18Buttahbear Adventure [4 Of 6]
Oct 11Buttahbear Adventure [3 Of 6]
Oct 8Buttahbear Adventure [2 Of 6]
Oct 6Buttahbear Adventure [1 of 6]
Oct 1Tigerbuttah Still Loves Leaves
Sep 29Pheasants Pheasants Pheasants
Sep 27Richmond Tiger
Sep 23Little Guys
Sep 20Chapter Two Concludes
Sep 13Exposition Now
Sep 7SPX
Aug 30Look Who It Is
Aug 23Trash Bag Helmet
Aug 16Brave Little Toaster
Aug 9Better Than Car Keys
Aug 2Plans Are Not Afoot
Jul 26Charmed
Jul 19Barking Dragons
Jul 12Now They’ve Gone And Done It
Jul 5The Court Jester
Jun 28Deja Vu Fabulous
Jun 22Stress Surrounds
Jun 14Tigerbuttah Loves His Friends
Jun 7Why Is She Always Angry
Jun 1Buy Our Book
May 28Rooster Tap
May 25Return Of Rapstallion
May 18Picking Up Sticks Is Hard Work
Apr 25The Tour Continues
Mar 29Tigerbuttah Spring Tour 2010
Mar 22Strawberry Cream And The Koinobori
Mar 17Prescott Ocelot
Mar 12He Will Not Do It
Mar 1He Loves His Pinto
Feb 20Perfectly Sensible
Feb 16Problems Keep On Comin
Feb 11Last Tigerbuttah Preview
Jan 29Tigerbuttah Book Preview
Jan 20Tigerbuttah Gallery Show
Jan 15Tigerbuttah Book Preview
Jan 7And We Are Back


Dec 30Tigerbuttah Was Tricked
Dec 22A Fine Day In The Meadow
Dec 15Of Two Minds
Dec 14Tigerbuttah Really Likes Leaves
Dec 11More Congo
Dec 10Crowning Achievement
Dec 9A Secret Society
Dec 8An Exclusive Society
Dec 3Sabretooth Tigerbuttah
Dec 2Advice From The Devil
Nov 30Its Her
Nov 29Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 24Not Her
Nov 17Inside The Buttery
Nov 11The Buttery
Nov 6Toothbrush Toyger And The Windsock Fish
Nov 4The Scream
Nov 3Not Even Calligraphy
Oct 31Tigerbuttah Has A Great Time With All His Friends
Oct 30A Smidge Of Trauma
Oct 27Stampede
Oct 24Prelude To Declaration
Oct 23Hootenanny And The Dragon Again
Oct 21Pinwheel Dislikes Authority
Oct 15He Really Is
Oct 13The School Crest
Oct 9Introducing Strawberry Cream
Oct 7He Is Still Angry
Oct 5Angry Quail
Oct 1Deer Hugger
Sep 28Block Of Text: The Sequel
Sep 22Upper Classmen
Sep 17Block Of Text
Sep 15The Mark Of Friendship
Sep 7New Friends (Update 2)
Sep 3Tigerbuttah Forgot He Was English
Sep 1Walking Detritus
Aug 29Tigerbuttah Is An Ethical Farm Hand
Aug 26A Caveat Prior To Mingling
Aug 25Prelude To Mingling
Aug 24Founding The University
Aug 18Brown Leaves Et Al
Aug 17Chapter Two Begins
Aug 13Tigerbuttah Goes To Kennywood
Aug 12Majestic Dawn
Aug 11Tomatoes [5 of 5]
Aug 5Tomatoes [4 of 5]
Aug 3Tomatoes [3 of 5]
Jul 21Egg Glue The Newborn Giraffe
Jul 16Tiger Butterfly
Jul 8Tigerbuttah Is A Knight Again
Jul 6Tigerbuttah Lives Outside A Museum
Jul 3Tomatoes [2 of 5]
Jul 1Tomatoes [1 of 5]
Jun 29Tigerbuttah Is Simply The Saddest
Jun 26Tigerbuttah Meets Felt Eyes’ Mother
Jun 25A Felt Eyes Adventure [4 of 4]
Jun 24A Felt Eyes Adventure [3 of 4]
Jun 19A Felt Eyes Adventure [2 of 4]
Jun 18A Felt Eyes Adventure [1 of 4]
Jun 16Tigerbuttah Knows A Thing Or Two
May 29They Have The Biggest Hearts
May 28He Loves To Groom
May 27It Is Not A Real Guitar
May 26He Really Is Magic
May 25Two Bits
May 21Post Epilogue
May 20Epilogue
May 19Introducing Watch Dog
May 18Anchor Puppy Has A Huge Head
May 15Where You At
May 13Key Chains And Other Loose Ends
May 12Call Me
May 11Cindy Is Such A Huge
May 7Ride On Little Fella
May 6I Could Do With Some Peanut Butter
May 5Dialogue And Exposition
May 4Last Day For T Shirts
May 1Tigerbuttah Meets Party Cat
Apr 30The Cats Pajamas
Apr 29When It Pops The Dream Comes True
Apr 28A Pinwheel Adventure
Apr 27Yella Fevah Bends Some Elbows
Apr 24Tigerbuttah Dont Know Much About Cooking
Apr 23Shambling Down The Old Desert And Or Beach Road
Apr 22S O S
Apr 21Yella Fevah Is A Cat
Apr 20Iced Water
Apr 17Crust Hey Cean
Apr 16Canoodling
Apr 15Reintroducing Paw Pads Puma
Apr 14The Butlers Name Is Wesley
Apr 13Mister Tiki Would Be Proud
Apr 10Grrreat Parenting Skills
Apr 9Friends Forever
Apr 8Hu La La
Apr 7Irresponsibility
Apr 6Born To Lead
Apr 3Let Us Learn About Honolulu Hound
Apr 2Diners Club
Apr 1Infinite Canvas
Mar 31Faux Par
Mar 30Tigerbuttah Has Fashion Cents
Mar 27Tigerbuttah Understands Autumn
Mar 26Scraps
Mar 25Back Of The Class
Mar 24Honolulu Hound
Mar 23The Horse That Hides In Beds
Mar 20He Is Hiding The Key From The Guard Dog
Mar 19Cute Eye For The Little Guy
Mar 18Small Apologies
Mar 17All They Got Was A Terrible Horse
Mar 16The One Where The Horse Has Two Hats
Mar 13More Regrets
Mar 12The Regrets Of An Irishman
Mar 11Doing The 6am Stumble
Mar 10Call Me Ahab
Mar 9Bread And Butter
Mar 6Butterpaws
Mar 5The Key To My Heart
Mar 4Stretch
Mar 3They Are Taking A Key
Mar 2Medium Cat Small Dog
Feb 27Tigerbuttah Versus Ben Franklin
Feb 26Bottle Full Of Dreams
Feb 25Setting Sail
Feb 24Mission Hill
Feb 23Night Palette
Feb 20Tigerbuttah Meets A Flower
Feb 19Ghost Of Washington
Feb 18Dress Up
Feb 17The Classics
Feb 16Hoot And Collar
Jan 30Tigerbuttah Meets Toothbrush Toyger
Jan 28Finding A Seat
Jan 27Ride That Bus
Jan 26Gene Kelly