Hourly Comics Day

TKT Hardcover!

Heads up! The Tiny Kitten Teeth hardcover book is now available to purchase and is shipping now, with a few extra pages, re-mastered, re-lettered and generally fixed up! We’re incredibly happy with the support we’ve received on the book so far, thanks so much to all of you for letting it happen.

We’re also going to be touring the book!! We just posted our convention schedule for 2013 as it currently stands, with a couple more events to be added as the year goes on. They are all on the right sidebar of the site!

So, hourly comics day! We didn’t quite get through the whole day (we had to go to the doctor and then worked more, nothing crazy). But there it is!

Sorry we’ve been away for so long, we went to Europe and Japan then we came back to get through a bunch of freelance work. Tiny Kitten Teeth is returning though! I’m in the midst of writing the end of Queen’s Man and we’re working out ways to prevent so much downtime like we’ve had over the past couple of years. Thanks again everyone!