Return Of Rapstallion

It’s Becky’s birthday today! Story pages have returned! Rejoicing abounds! Tigerbuttah Golden Book will be available SO SOON (those who pledged on Kickstarter will be getting their copies very soon).

Do you need a bit of a refresher on Chapter 2 and what has happened thusfar? Then take a look at our Chapter 2 archive. Start at the bottom and work your way back up.

Here are a couple bonus paintings that Becky worked on while she was away. One is non-TKT related (featuring Lilypad Tiger) and one is Tiki Tabby, Pinwheel’s friend from Chapter 1, who also shows up in the Tigerbuttah Golden Book.

When we are away doing conventions, Becky likes to do sketches for our fine readers. Here are about 30 quick brush pen sketches that she did while we were on the road.

Hopefully that will tide you over till the next update, which will be this week! Hooray! We all win!