Hu La La

Becky and I have adopted a new healthy lifestyle. It is known as getting up at 8:30am and going for a walk. We also have refrained from violent caffeine abuse. I can not talk too badly about caffeine, for it is one of the many horrifying things we did to get this comic up on time. However, with producing the comic down to a near exact science, we are no longer killing ourselves with staying up till first 4am, 6am, 8am, 10am and finally… 8pm.

Yes, last week we stayed up till 8pm working on the comic.

In celebration of us no longer wanting to die from repeated all-nighters, this is a new mixtape featuring N.A.S.A, Metronomy, Death From Above 1979, Art Brut, Cut Copy, The Ghastly Ones, 松平健 & The Magnetic Fields.

See you tomorrow with a full comic page!