Small Apologies

I forgot to mention in the previous comic that in the dialogue there is a small homage (see: blatant ripoff) to Spike’s awesome comic Templar, Arizona. Everyone should read it and buy her new book. Plug OVER!

We are also very jealous of anyone who gets to attend the awesome New England Webcomics Weekend, sometimes it is tricky living in New Zealand. We’ll be out in the US this summer. Meredith Gran has done a great job organising the NEWW and I am sure everyone will have a total blast. I am especially partial and especially jealous of the part that has the drinking.

Becky has been working on a bunch of awesome paintings today. She recently started combining her usual gouache paint, which is used to produce Tiny Kitten Teeth, with acrylic and it is getting some fun results. We’re sticking to pure gouache for this comic, but in the future we may be trying out Cel Vinyl paint, which was used to paint animation cels in the past (and occasionally in the present). If you want to check out some of her new work you can always look at her daily drawing blog Owlfactory.

I’m about all plugged out so I will see you all tomorrow with a one panel comic and the day after that with another one panel comic. Thanks again for reading!