The One Where The Horse Has Two Hats

Becky is rockin’ a production line, working on three pages simultaneously and two paintings..

The wallpaper is based on the Kitschy Wallpaper from Animal Crossing, available at your nearest Nookington’s. I have attempted to downplay the AC influence that is in the comic, but it is impossible when it is just so stylish.

In other news, you can check out a preview of the new webcomic I’m writing called I Love Tapes. I couldn’t keep it under wraps, I swore I would. It’ll update three times a week. I’ve waited for years to do that comic, so I hope you all like it.

Also heres a quick reminder about our reduced schedule, one less full page this week, but one more single-panel Tigerbuttah style strip. This enables us to update over the summer while we are at the cons.