The Classics

This one took a little longer than we expected! We took some criticism to heart and we’ve slightly changed the way we do a few things around here. Also we’re trying out a small stylistic change with how we do them bubbles (now with new awesome sketchy outlines).

But all this talking shop is ridiculous. Today Becky and I went to see Nine Inch Nails. Apparently this is the “last” tour before hiatus. They have two new members and one less keyboardist. No encore. No big stage show. But surprisingly fun despite that. The biggest moment of revelation is that the 90s still exists. I saw center parts, I saw dirty blonde dreadlocks, I saw black singlets. People threw up the horns, smoked indoors, moshed and headbanged. It was ridiculous.

Also it made me realise that the 90s was terrible, with the exception of a small handful of bands. We’re doing pretty good right now, provided that the contemporary indie music ages well. The one thing that won’t age well is the return of the disco beat to rock music. That is being a bit overused. I may be one of the culprits.

See you tomorrow!